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When I first started working with Kim, I was struggling with self doubt and lacking in confidence in aspects of both my professional and personal lifes.

Kim worked with me and helped me address those and other issues that were having an impact on my life and preventing my personal growth.

Since I've completed my coursework with Kim, I've found myself to be more determined, at ease under stressful conditions and more confident at expressing my thoughts and ideas, both at home and at work.

I am now able set myself goals and I'm able to deal with situations that arise in the path of me achieving my targets.
My gratitude to Kim is immense and I highly recommend her and the work she does.

Shannon D


I had a problem with lacking direction on what path to take in my business & finances.
My biggest objection to working with a coach was that I had barriers up about whether it would help me or not.
And I worried about being truly open and vulnerable 
Kim worked with me by becoming clear on what steps to take now to also make sure I am aligned with my future goals.
I would definitely recommend working with Kim it has been amazing.

Ciara M


WOMENtum Workshop

What was your intention. Of coming to this workshop?

I've reached 60 years of age, and I just no longer wanted to feel the way I was feeling, so I was hoping that there would be some exercises or tools or education that I could action to help change the way I felt.

Did you get this out of the workshop?

Wow. Amazing experience. Pushed through my fear and my insecurities and climbed over the fence that I think is scared to climb over. 

What does all of that mean to you now?

I can I feel very comfortable with myself the first time in a long time, probably in over 50 years, maybe 57 years before I felt like this. Before I just feel like me now. 

Hope it's been me. And it doesn't matter what I say in regards to how I feel, because I feel more confident within myself.

How that can impact you? Moving forward in your life will impact. Me tremendously, because now I have the confidence to move forward. 

Would you recommend the workshop to other people that you know?

Absolutely. Who would you recommend it to?

I could have to say, honestly, if I had heaps of money, would pay for every one of my girlfriends to come on this course, I would pay for them to come. 

Bec C



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